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Looking for some extra cash to pay bills? Look no further, My South Africa Payday can lend you up to R1000 today!

Why Choose Us?
Competitive rates!
For the service we are offering, our rates match the competition. There's no reason to go elsewhere, and plenty of reasons to go with us.

Easy to work with
Think of us less like a cranky banker and more like a friend who's there to help you out in a tight spot. We aren't going to grill you about what you need the loan for.

Takes only a moment
Nothing can be more convenient than applying right from the computer that you're sitting at right now and having funds put directly into your bank account. It's much better than going to a payday loan store, filling out paperwork, standing in a lineup, getting cash, going to your bank and finally depositing the money.
Let's have an overview
Can't be simpler
Fill out the form and hit submit. You'll know if you qualify immediately.

Like to talk?
We like talking too. Our call center can figure out any problems you have and set things right. We are available from 8-8 every day of the week. You can reach us at 021 300 2736

Rather deal in person?
That's the one thing we can't help you with. We presently do not offer loans in cash, although we're considering expanding storefront operations to South Africa, so check back later for updates.
Should you I get one?
Is it short term?
Financial issues come in many different flavours. Sometimes you'll need money for months or even years. If you suspect this might be the case, you'll definitely be better off getting a loan from a bank, remortgaging your house, or applying for a line of credit. Payday loans are intended for short term issues that should rarely extend beyond your next payday.

Is it small?
You don't want to borrow more than you can afford to pay back at once. If your repayment will leave you high and dry, then you are borrowing too much and you should be looking for a different sort of funding source to deal with your cashflow problems. A cash advance should preferably be less than 30% of your paycheque.

We Lend Across South Africa